Handbalancing Blocks | Handmade

€ 24,95

Easily improve your handstand techniques by using handstand or balancing blocks.

Perfect for hand balancers, calisthenics athletes and all gymnastics and fitness enthusiasts!


Because of your hand position on the blocks you develop more muscle strength in both your fingers and your wrists. At the same time, you put less strain on your wrists, which reduces the risk of injuries.


The handstand blocks are handmade from solid beech wood and fitted with non-slip rubber.




Dimensions per block (LxWxH): 13x9x6 cm.


Because the handstand blocks are made in our own workshop, many personalization options are possible. Think of blocks with different dimensions, colors, or a printing of your own logo or image of choice.


If you are interested in personalized handstand blocks or do you have other wishes? Please contact me via whatsapp, the contact form or send an email to info@croffit.nl

You can also contact Croffit on social media every day! To do this, go to the Instagram or Facebook page.





Price shown is for two blocks (1 pair)


The handstand blocks are shipped within 2 business days. If this takes longer, you will always be kept informed!

As soon as your order has been shipped, you will automatically receive an email with the track and trace code.

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