Chalk Ball

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With this chalk ball of 100% magnesium carbonate, you're always assured of a perfect grip! This way you prevent slipping and accidents during your workout.


The chalk ball consists of magnesium powder in a special bag, which allows a quantity of powder to pass through when you squeeze the ball in your hands.

As a result, you are less bothered by dust clouds than with loose magnesium powder and you keep the environment clean.

The ball is easy to take with you, so you can be assured of a workout with good grip everywhere you go!





Knead the ball gently in both hands until there is a white coating on your palms.

Easy to wash off with soap and water after use.




Pay attention!!

Not suitable for internal use
Keep out of reach of children
Avoid eye contact
Do not use on open wounds



Package content:

1x Magnesium ball of 56g




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