Resistance Bands

€ 9,95

Resistance bands (power bands) are a perfect tool to use with body weight exercises. You can use them as support, or as extra resistance to make your workout even harder. Do normal push-ups or dips no longer give you a challenge?  Try it with a resistance band and feel the difference!


In addition to push-ups and dips, there are countless other exercises you can perform with the bands. For example: squats, bicep curls or fly's.


You can easily take the bands with you to, for example, your favorite calisthenics park or the gym. To make this even easier for you, you will receive the bands with a handy bag!


The different colors represent the different resistances. With a heavier band you get more support, or you can make the exercise heavier if you use it as a resistance. See the resistance factor per color elastic below:


Red, extra light: 7 kg - 15 kg

Black, light: 10 kg - 30 kg

Purple, average: 15 kg - 40 kg

Green, heavy: 20 kg - 55 kg


If you have any questions about the use of the power bands or about the exercises, we will help you! You can reach us via social media or via


The power bands are shipped within 2 working days. If this takes longer, we will let you know!

As soon as your order has been shipped you will automatically receive an email with the track and trace code.

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